Bubbles and Bella!

For my big-little sisters birthday and I wanted to make her something special, so using her love for her dog and bubbles I thought I’d give sculpture a go…not knowing what I was doing I learnt a lot, mostly by the mistakes, the biggest being that the wire I used couldn’t take the weight of the clay. My top tip for this is use milliput on your armature before you start to mould the clay. I had fun and my sister loves her ‘out of proportion’ version of her and her favourite things 🙂




Sunshiny day

HQ asked me to do a summer themed illustration for the office blackboard. The space is awkward and the boards are falling apart so sorry for the lopsided photos teehee

HQ Black Board

The blue trellis

This was a quick fix solution due to the lack of fences in my mum’s new house, the garden had been neglected and it was going to be a huge job and expense to put right. Using the wood that was in the garden and an old Venetian Blind I put together two trellises and fixed the hole in another fallen down fence…such fun I loved every minute of it 🙂



A good excuse to have a second attempt at embroidery, meet Bella my sisters new puppy…she is so fluffy.